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PARTY GIRLS: Hair Piece (Fall) if needed: Kim’s Wigs – 559-229-1744
Pink Leather Ballet Shoes
CAPEZIO 1825 Pink Tights (no seams)

PARTY BOYS: Black Jazz Shoes
White Dress Shirt
White Tights

White Tights TO921(child)
White Nylon Turtleneck Leotard BODYWRAPPERS
Style 101 Child, 201 Adult. We are trying to gather past leos to see what we have.
Capezio has discontinued turtlenecks. San Francisco Dancewear will
order for us if we get order in SOON. They will give a 15% discount for
a GROUP ORDER. We need a couple of parents to coordinate this order.
White Canvas Ballet Shoes
Capezio 1815 for adult sized white tights

MICE: MALE: White Canvas Ballet Shoes
White Tights

SOLDIERS: Black Tank Leotard
Black Canvas Ballet Shoes
BLOCH ENDURA Black Tights TO920

ANGELS: White long sleeved leotard Capezio TB134C (or TB135 for adult)
Pink seamed tights (either convertible or footed)
Pink leather ballet shoes

BON BONS: Please consult Ashley Gorden about leotards and tights
White Leather Full Sole Ballet Shoes

NOTE; In the interests of uniformity which creates a more professional looking show, PLEASE DO NOT SUBSTITUTE brands and specific model designations.
If you wish to order online DISCOUNT DANCE SUPPLY is a good source. Many of our teachers can get discounts.

Since a number of these items must be DYED, please bring them to REHEARSAL
By NOVEMBER 1st with name INDELIBLY MARKED on all garments.

Because of the many holiday shows, it is important to order pointe shoes and tights EARLY!

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Theatre case and Makeup list

Theatre case and Makeup list

Mirror (with small stand or hand held)
Hairbrush and comb
Hairspray or gel
Bobby pins
Hair nets (more than one!)
Elastics for hair – match hair color (not to be worn on wrists!)
Hand towel
Leg warmers and sweater (it may be very cold in the theatre!)

*Base/foundation (match with skin) – use whatever brand you feel comfortable with. Some suggestions were NoSet at Target if your child has sensitive skin.

*Eyebrow Pencil (not the same as eye pencil!) – Match with hair color going darker if not exact – Maybellene red pencils work well

*Concealer/coverstick – matching or slightly lighter than Base/foundation. Maybellene or Covergirl in lipstick tube.

*Eyeliner – Black or brown waterproof. Match with hair. Blonds use brown. Liquid is hard to work with. Felt tips or thin pencils work well.

*Eyelashes and glue (for Snow, Flowers and Divertisments only!)- Match your hair color. Cut them from the outside edge to fit and mascara them before applying.

*Eyeshadow – Brown matte pressed or loose powder -no sparkles or shiny (metallic) and white or tan lighter color (this one can have some sparkles). Some come with the two together.

*Mascara – Waterproof, Black or Brown. Match with hair. Blonds use brown.

*Rouge/Blush – Dusty rosie pink. Not too red!

*Lipstick – Rosie pink. Not too bright.

* Makeup brushes for blush, eyeshadow, anything powdery.

*Makeup remover

Dancers and Parents,

I have gone to Sally’s and Target. You can get a discount at Sally’s if you use my Green Club member card # 648116118820. The manager at the Shaw and West location said it should be recognized at all locations. It is up to you where you want to go. CVS, Walgreens and RiteAid also have these items but I didn’t price them there.

Here are some suggested colors and prices. They are just suggestions so you can get an idea of what is needed. I hope this helps;


Blush – BBL01 787050 at $7.69
Eye Shadow quad – Tantalizing Taupe or Copper ‘n Chic $8.79
Lipstick – Smokey Rose $6.59
Mirrors – 3.49 – 11.69
They also have hairnets, pins, spray, etc.


Covergirl –
Blush – True Plum $3.74
Foundation – $8.44
Concealer – $5.94
Loreal –
Foundation – $8.49 – $13.49
Lipstick – #227 – $8.99
Revlon –
Foundation -$9.99
Eye Shadow – Moonlight #555 $5.99
Lipstick – Blushed $4.74
Almay –
Foundation – $11.99
Rimmel –
Eye Shadow – #002 $3.99
Maybelline –
Foundation – $5.94
Eye Shadow – #12Q $4.99
Eyebrow Pencil – (red, 2 to a package) $2.99
NoSet –
Foundation – $28.
Eye Shadow – St Lucia $10.
Lipstick – Peking $12.
Mirrors – 6.49 and up
They have bobby pins but no hair pins or nets.

If you have any questions call Carla @ 274-6605 ☺

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