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2017 Nutcracker Rehearsal Schedule Through Oct 13

LINK TO 2017 Nutcracker Rehearsal Schedule Through Oct 13



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Nutcracker Casting 2016

Role Name
Marie Ashelea Okayasu(Sat Dec. 10, 2:00, Sun Dec. 11, 2:00) Rylie Brunson (Fri Dec. 9, 10am, Sat Dec. 10, 7:30)
Nutcracker General Chris Upchurch
Mouse King Zachary Garcia
Mouse Queen Amy Doan (Sat Dec. 10, 2:00, Sun Dec. 11, 2:00) Katie Montejano (Fri Dec. 9, 10am, Sat Dec. 10, 7:30)
Drosselmeyer David Benetto
Sugar Plum Alexandra Myir (sp?)
Cavalier Ryan G
Snow King Spencer Ruell
Snow Queen Lourdes Orosco
Snow Princess Rachel Ogawa (Fri Dec. 9, 10am, Sat Dec. 11, 7:30) Basia Rhoden (Sat Dec. 10, 2:00, Sun Dec. 11, 2:00)
Doll Allison Cline (Fri Dec. 9, 10am, Sat Dec. 11, 2:00) Rachel Ogawa (Sat Dec. 10, 7:30, Sun Dec. 11, 2:00)
Fritz Liam McCuller, Jack Hammerstrom
Mr and Mrs Stahlbaum Dr James Mullooly, Sandra Gostanian
Maids – Flora, Dora Flora – Sarah Band (Fri Dec. 9 10am, Sat Dec 10, 7:30) Sarah Torres (Sat Dec. 10, 2:00, Sun Dec. 11, 2:00)

Dora – Chloe Ito-Haro

Butler Austin Growar (Fri Dec. 9, 10am, Sat Dec. 10, 7:30)

Jason Pak (Sat Dec. 10, 2:00, Sun Dec. 11, 2:00)

Party Parents Gene and Tina Vosburg, Diane Rich and Scott Fleming, Alicia Alvarez and ? Nassar , Tamar Gostanian and Joey Aganjian, Michael and Gina Madrigal, Keith and Heather Purtirka
Party Girls Valeria Suarez, Sarah Lesser, Caitlyn Menes, Ella Fontinella, Mia Vasquez, Lauren McKay, Britton Silva Costa, Mia Alvarez, Elise Bessi, Gianna Menchu, Natalie Madrigal, Stella Davies, Keana Hokama,, Abigail Kisling
Party Boys Edgar Gasparian, Josiah Rowland, Samuel Rowland, Jack Hammerstrom, Alexander Nassar, Hudson Silva Costa, Kyle Mrkaich, Kenton Lang, John Estrada, Liam McCullar, Landon Lang
Mice Jason Pak, Carson Harris, Heather Vosburg, Giavanna Aritakas, Anisah Abdulahi, Liam McCullar, Austin Growar
Baby Mice Ashlyn Gordon, Natalie Zetian, Adler Gordon, Cohen Vasquez
Soldiers Victoria Fernandez, Alana Reyes, Natalie White, Angelina Fleming, Emily Dau/Rebekah Kahn, Sarah Purtirka, Ayanna Becker, Taylor McClure
Snowflakes Abbey Nabors, Leanna Gasparian, Diana Gasparian, Sarah Torres, Sarah Band, Rylie Brunson/Ashelea , Emily Dau, Allyssa Fu, Rebekah Kahn, Amy Doan/Katie Montejano, Natatie Fontinella, Rachel Ogawa/Basia Rhoden, Audrey Cuellar, Ellyssa Taylor


Understudies – Gracie Sanchez, Haley Mozier, Taylor McClure

Lead Angel Gracie Sanchez
Angels Taylor McClure, Lauren McCay, Victoria Fernandez, Nataie White, Angelina Fleming, Analise Aubin, Valeria Suarez, Elysia Razavi, Giavanna Artikas
Jesters Naomi Purtirka, Pauline (Tori) Estrada, Caren Chang, Mia Yang, John Estrada, Jack Hammerstrom, Liam McCullar, Bethel Payongayong
Spanish Leads Abbey Nabors (Fri 10am, Sat 7:30), Leanna Gasparian (Sat 2:00, Sun 2:00)
Spanish Sides Rebekah Kahn, Diana Gasparian, Natalie Fontinella, Abbey Nabors (Sat 2:00, Sun 2:00) Leanna Gasparian (Fri 10am, Sat 7:30)
Arabian Leads Ellyssa Taylor (Sat 2:00, Sun 2:00) Ashelea Okayasu (Fri 10am, Sat eve) Spencer Ruell
Arabian Sides Anisah Abdullahi, Sarah Band, Emily Dau, Ayanna Becker
Russian Amanda Chung, Amara Duke, Reagan Martin, Allison Cline
Chinese Leads Allysa Fu (Sat 2:00, Sun 2:00), Anna Harkness (Fri 10am, Sat 7:30)
Chinese Sides Reagan Martin, Amara Duke, Amanda Chung, Elisia Razavi
Chinese Lionhead and body Austin Browar, Chloe Ito Haro, Abigail Kisling
Merliton Lourdes Orosco, Audrey Cuellar, Basia Rhoden, Anna Harkness
Lambs Vivien McCullar, Aliya Hokama, Abbie Vasuez, Gabriella Belli, Finley Ivener, Emily Rowland, Emily Wang, Bella Goswamy, Ina Wang. Gia Rios, Kaylee Astacio
Mother Ginger Dr. James Mullooly
Bon Bons Ella DiBuduo, Allyssa Littlefield, Alana Flores, Maia Hokama, Hayden Olson, Ella Lee, Zoe Martinez, Emmi Bessey, Elli Bessey, Sydney Forester, Emily Astacio, Bela Goswami, Sarah Carrera, Kaiya Quarles, Whitney Yeram, Madison Trippel
Dew Drop Leanna Gasparian (Fri 10am, Sat 2:00) Abbey Nabors (Sat 7:30, Sun 2:00)
Flower Demi-soloists Audrey Cuellar, Rebekah Kahn (Sat 7:30, Sun 2:00)Lourdes Orosco, Dianna Gasparian (Fri 10am, Sat 2:00)
Flowers Natalie Fontinella, Amy Doan (Fri 10am, Sat 7:30),Katie Montejano (Sat 2:00, Sun 2:00) Riley Brunson (Sat 2:00, Sun 2:00) Ashelea Okayasu (Fri 10am, Sat 7L30) Ellyssa Taylor, Basia Rhoden, Rachel Ogawa, Sarah Torres, Sarah Band, Gracie Sanchez, Emily Dau, Haley Mozier, Alyssa Fu
Pages Gianna Belli, Aubrey Ivener

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PARTY GIRLS: Hair Piece (Fall) if needed: Kim’s Wigs – 559-229-1744
Pink Leather Ballet Shoes
CAPEZIO 1825 Pink Tights (no seams)

PARTY BOYS: Black Jazz Shoes
White Dress Shirt
White Tights

White Tights TO921(child)
White Nylon Turtleneck Leotard BODYWRAPPERS
Style 101 Child, 201 Adult. We are trying to gather past leos to see what we have.
Capezio has discontinued turtlenecks. San Francisco Dancewear will
order for us if we get order in SOON. They will give a 15% discount for
a GROUP ORDER. We need a couple of parents to coordinate this order.
White Canvas Ballet Shoes
Capezio 1815 for adult sized white tights

MICE: MALE: White Canvas Ballet Shoes
White Tights

SOLDIERS: Black Tank Leotard
Black Canvas Ballet Shoes
BLOCH ENDURA Black Tights TO920

ANGELS: White long sleeved leotard Capezio TB134C (or TB135 for adult)
Pink seamed tights (either convertible or footed)
Pink leather ballet shoes

BON BONS: Please consult Ashley Gorden about leotards and tights
White Leather Full Sole Ballet Shoes

NOTE; In the interests of uniformity which creates a more professional looking show, PLEASE DO NOT SUBSTITUTE brands and specific model designations.
If you wish to order online DISCOUNT DANCE SUPPLY is a good source. Many of our teachers can get discounts.

Since a number of these items must be DYED, please bring them to REHEARSAL
By NOVEMBER 1st with name INDELIBLY MARKED on all garments.

Because of the many holiday shows, it is important to order pointe shoes and tights EARLY!

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